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Creative Images by Jessica Anne retains all copyrights to her creative work. Professional photographers who care about the integrity of their work, from start to the final printing finishes, reserve the legal right to all images created by the artist.

Portraits are carefully prepared with extensive experience in color correction, retouching and presented as gallery-grade art photographs. Fine art images are prepared with archival integrity in mind.

Aside from legal issues, scanned photos simply do not have the same quality as the portraits printed by our professional printers. Jessica Anne would like every image out there associated with her name to meet her quality standards.

Exceptions of release, under permission, are available for talent head shots and business portraits. Images are then retouched and released on disk for professional use only.

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"Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." - Kahlil Gibran

All images copyright Creative Images by Jessica. 925-837-8188. These images are intended for in-house viewing and for presentation only. Any other use, reproduction or publication, including, but not limited to internet or other digital or print use of any image contained herein is a violation of copyright law and is strictly prohibited.
Music credit: Simple Pleasures by Greg Maroney from Album Songs of the Water Rose.